Feb 28, 2018

pre-launch dream

I had a strange dream about my upcoming book launch. My friend, Jenny asks me to go for a drink before the event, and i say sure. Jenny and I are on a motorcycle with a sidecar. She puts me in the sidecar. Like picks me up and plops me down. We ride around what looks like Tokyo and have all these drinks in these tiny bars. Tiny drinks, but so many tiny bars. We get to Lula Lounge but it looks like a Vegas showroom with those plushy velvet half-moon lounge tables. There is a martial arts conference happening. It is all very pepto bismal pink and people are high-kicking everywhere. They say they will get out and let me in, but it goes on and on. Then, I am frantic because I realize I have lost all my Fenty make-up. My hair is also wind-blown from being in the side-car. It is standing straight up on one side and flat on the other. Jenny is nowhere to be found and can't help me in this beauty crisis. Someone grabs me and pushes me on stage, but none of my people are in the audience, only the kung fu folks. I do not know if I should be showing my wing chun moves or reading. Confusion. That's all I remember.

(ummm. no, i'm not nervous about it all. not at all.... )

Mar 4, 2018

This is me.

Coming at you.